Find Your Solo Travel Inspiration & Choose Your Solo Travel Destinations

One of the first steps to learning how to travel solo is to find your inspiration and choosing your destination. This is the time to imagine so many possibilities. For me, this is when the creative/curious part of me and Detective Nora comes to life. Have fun and enjoy this investigative process!

Keep your “Travel Possibilities Journal” near you all the time, so you can write down your thoughts when inspiration comes to you. Your notes will become your solo travel story.

Did you identify your “Why” to travel solo? Absolutely no worries if your “why” is still a work in progress or a general statement. Getting comfortable with your reason to solo travel may take some time and may even change as you go through each of the 6 steps to learn how to travel solo. For now the specific or general “why” will help in narrowing down the options for finding travel inspiration.

Step 2 to the process of learning how to travel solo is all about finding inspiration and choosing your destination. Honestly, inspiration is everywhere, on the internet, social media, travel magazines, newspapers and more. Images on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are spectacular and it’s very hard to resist the pull of wanting to go everywhere.

Here are some of my current inspirations (Yes, I have many and they change over time)

  • My mom’s emigration story from Norway to Canada.
  • WW1 history and the journey of my Great Great Uncle to his final resting place in France.
  • The exploration of the northern regions of the world by the Norwegian explorers.
  • The history of train travel, especially in Canada.
  • Claude Monet’s water lilies and his garden in Giverny
  • Returning to favourite destinations like London, Paris, Cinque Terre and El Cuyo

“Focus on your Why and Listen to what your heart is saying.”

Cafe in Dubrovnik, perfect solo travel destination

I’m here to say, “Focus on your Why and Listen to what your heart is saying.” There are really no wrong destination choices, there is something to see and experience at every destination in the world but the best place for you to go is the one that excites and connects you to your core values. These are the places that will stay with you for many years to come.

Let’s go!

There are many practical decisions that can be made easily and will help narrow down the inspirations and options for destinations. Here are a few of them.

  • What’s your budget?
  • Which season? Spring, summer, winter or autumn.
  • Which country? Or continent? Close to home or faraway?
  • How long will you travel? Weekend? 1 Week? 10 Days? 2 Weeks? Etc.
  • Stay in one place for the duration of your trip or a new place every night?
  • Type of travel? Urban/Mountain/Beach or Guided tour/cruise/independent or some combination?

My message is rather repetitive when it comes to learning about how to travel solo. This solo travel journey is all about you and no one else, so read your “why” and the answers to your questions above and let your imagination do its thing.

There are endless amounts of options to discover inspiration and I highly recommend that social media be the last source of inspiration. Take your time, enjoy the research and explore some (or all) of the suggested sources of inspiration.

8 Ways to find Solo Travel Inspiration

  • Go to the Library

Go to your local public library. Explore the travel section and other subject areas that are of interest to you too. Check out the books, magazines and newspapers, you just never know when inspiration will happen.

  1. Go to the Bookstore

Visit the travel section of a bookstore. My go to guidebooks are Rick Steves, I have always had fabulous experiences using his recommendations for walking tours, accommodations and interesting information about history.

There are lots of guidebooks, non-fiction travel inspired stories and more. I also recommend going to a local independent or used bookstore where you will see uniquely curated books on display.

Books and stories contain all sorts of inspiration for travel options. Have you read a book that is set in a faraway land? Greece, Egypt, Iceland, Paris, London, Istanbul, Rome, Hong Kong, the list is endless.

  1. Favourite Movies

Do you have a favourite movie(s) or TV show(s) that is filmed somewhere that interests you?

I love New York and seeing places from my favourite movie Serendipity, other movies include Eat Pray Love, Under the Tuscan Sun, Wild or even Moods Fabrics from Project Runway. And what about Game of Thrones and Outlander?

There are so many amazing movie locations. Anything James Bond has lots of travel inspiration too.

  1. Discover your Heritage

Do you have any old family photo albums from your parents or grandparents?

Did they tell you stories of when they travelled or where they came from? Do you have a war hero in your family? Family history and experience has been a huge inspiration for many of my travels.

  1. Find Inspiration close to Home

Check out local inspiration too. Bucket list destinations near your home, local tourist attractions, restaurants with flavours from around the world, museums, historical attractions etc.

  1. Attend Travel Presentations, Travel Shows or Film Festivals

Attend travel presentations or shows. Talk to people, friends, family, and co-workers or to people on the bus/train as you commute to work.

  1. Research Online – Websites, Bloggers and Social Media

Ask Google and search the internet, follow your favourite websites, bloggers and social media.

Check out Pinterest and click the pin to read the blog post behind the pin. Look up a hashtag on Instagram for the destinations that you are interested in visiting.

The discovery of why you want to solo travel is the first step in learning how to travel solo. I would love to hear about your “Why Solo Travel”, if you would like to share your “Why” or if you have any questions please send me an email at

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What is your travel purpose/passion for travelling solo?

Give yourself permission to dream and listen to your heart’s biggest desires. – Nora