6 Steps to Learn How to Solo Travel

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I’m so glad that you are here to learn how to travel solo. My website solotravelz.com,  and my social media, is all about inspiration, discovery of the world and yourself, having incredible experiences while always being thoughtful about safety.

What is Solo Travel?  How do I travel solo? Solo Travel is an opportunity to focus on you.  It means that you are taking time out for you, away from family, work and friends. A reset button or a discovery button, if you will.

I think when someone hears the words “solo travel” the immediate response might be something negative involving the feelings of being lonely, afraid and maybe even boring.  Honestly, solo travel could be all of those things but I’m here to tell you that solo travel is none of those things.

When you take the time to learn these steps on how to travel solo and discover your ideal solo travel journey, It can be amazing!

Solo travel is anything that you want it to be. Does solo travel mean that you don’t talk to anyone? That you can’t join in any group activities?  You can be as social or as unsocial as you like and it’s also okay to change your plan as you discover something new or different that catches your interest.

I hope you enjoy my 6 Steps to Travelling Solo.

Thank You