How to Travel Solo in 6 Easy Steps – Step 1 – Define Your Purpose

Learn how to travel solo in my series of 6 blog posts. This post is about understanding why you want to travel solo.  The answer will depend on you and could be as simple as just needing a break from your day to day activities at home.  There are endless reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once in their lifetime. This series of blog posts will teach you how to travel solo. This is your chance to learn and design your own adventure based on your dreams, budget and schedule.

As I am writing this series to teach you how to travel solo, I am making the assumption that you are either taking your first solo trip or that you have taken a couple trips on your own already and now you want to learn more tips and tricks on how to travel solo in order to make your experience easier and more rewarding.

Before you start, find a notebook or buy a journal and use this as a place to write down your travel related ideas, thoughts, inspirations as they come to you. I call this journal my “Travel Possibilities Journal.” Your notes will become your solo travel story.

People enjoying the activities by Barceloneta Beach, rollerblading, walking, riding scooters and relaxing
Rollerblading Along the Sea in Barcelona

What is Solo Travel?

What is Solo Travel?  How do I travel solo? Solo Travel is an opportunity to focus on you, it means that you are taking time out for you, away from family, work and friends. A reset button or a discovery button, if you will.

I’m so glad that you are here to learn how to travel solo. My website  and my social media is all about inspiration, discovery of the world and yourself, having incredible experiences while always being thoughtful about safety.

I think when someone hears the words “solo travel” the immediate response involve feelings of being lonely, afraid or maybe even boring.  Honestly, solo travel could be all of those things but I’m here to tell you that solo travel is none of those things when you take the time to learn and use these steps on how to travel solo. The goal is to discover your ideal solo travel journey. 

Solo travel is anything that you want it to be. Does solo travel mean that you don’t talk to anyone? That you can’t you join in any group activities?  No, you can be as social or as anti-social as you like and it’s also okay to change your plan along the way as you discover new or different activities that catch your interest.

Step 1 – Discover Why!  Discover Your Purpose for Travelling Solo

The first step in teaching you how to travel solo is to identify your purpose on why you want to travel solo, the purpose can specific or general, silly or serious, it doesn’t matter.

Knowing your purpose and understanding why you are travelling on your own will be critical during the times when you are doubting your decision to go out in the world on your own. 

Your purpose will answer the questions, “Why?” “Why am I travelling on my own?” “What am I doing?” Knowing your reason will let you manage your feelings along the way, feelings that might be doubting, sad, lonely, disappointed, scared or happy and excited or surprised and saying “I can’t believe I did that” and many more.

There’s no right or wrong answer but it needs to be your answer so at the end of the trip when you return home you have experienced and accomplished at the very least your expectations and at the greatest you have fulfilled a dream and have discovered more dreams to pursue. 

View of Monet's house through his springtime garden, tulips and so many other flowers in all colours of the rainbow
Springtime in Giverny at Monet’s House and Garden

Define Your Reason(s) to Travel Solo.

The “why” of solo travel is very individual and requires thought but it also requires permission. Permission to dream, to explore what makes you happy and excited, trust in your strength/courage and belief in your ability to successfully travel on your own and be safe. – Nora

It’s not that easy to define why someone should travel solo. It’s much easier to define the where to travel, the how to travel, the when to travel but the why is more challenging because the answer is about core values and feelings. What is meaningful to you?

My first solo trip was when I was 16 years old, I travelled to Norway for summer school and to visit family in Norway. My first reason to travel solo was to learn Norwegian and to visit family.

After my divorce, I was determined to travel and see the world either on my own or with my young daughter. My new reason to travel solo was to discover the world and to relax outside of my busy life at home.

The book, “The Gift of Play” by Barbara Brannen describes the lost art of “play” for adult women and as I read the book, I discovered that travelling solo is my way to play.

The author lists thirteen feelings that are associated with play; total abandonment, no worry, joy, clear thinking, energy, curiosity, wonderment, pride, connection, movement, imagination, relaxation and therapeutic.

I can honestly say that I experience many of these feelings each time I’m planning to travel and when I’m travelling solo.

There are so many great reasons to travel solo and if you google “Why travel solo?” you’ll get lots of answers. There are many reasons but the most important reason is the one that inspires you. “What does solo travel mean to you?”

Sailing School on the Mediterranean Sea, blue sky with puffs of clouds with the blue sea and white sailboats travelling in the wind
Sailing School on the Mediterranean Sea

Here are some great reasons to embark on a solo travel adventure:

  1. Opportunity for self-discovery away from the daily noise, family, work and friends. A great time to focus on yourself, learn how to make personal choices and discover what’s important to you.
  2. Connect with your family roots and history.Share your family connection discoveries when you come home.
  3. Learn something new. Discover a new passion or rediscover an old passion.  What are you passionate about? Create a travel experience that connects you to your chosen passion.
  4. No one is available to travel with you. Just Go! Stop waiting for a friend or family member to have enough time/money to join you and take the trip that you’ve always dreamed of taking.
  5. Relax and travel without the pressures of making other people happy.
  6. Discover yourself and your capabilities. Solo travel can really show you that you’re capable of making excellent decisions and are capable of taking care of yourself too.
  7. Engage your curiosity. Solo travel is a time to be curious, experience wonder, imagine history, to relax, be flexible with your schedule and be social with people that you meet along the way.
  8. Explore a destination at your own speed and using your own budget (big or small). This is an opportunity to change your mind/schedule/plan any time that you want.

The discovery of why you want to solo travel is the first step in learning how to travel solo. I would love to hear about your “Why Solo Travel”, share your “Why” or ask any questions by email at

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What is your travel purpose/passion for travelling solo?

Give yourself permission to dream and listen to your heart’s biggest desires. – Nora

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